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Tummy Fix

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Tummy Fix
Tummy Fix
£19.25 £10.00
Please bring this back
24 February 2020
Why would you discontinue a product that clearly works and sells well. Please bring it back or advise what it's been replaced with please
18 February 2020
08 January 2020
Please bring this product back! It definitely worked for firming skin and giving a more toned appearance! Loved it and dying for it to come back - and Body slim Fix!
03 January 2020
Love this product, it really works. Please bring it back.
14 December 2019
Kelly monk
Please please please get this restocked, I have been checking for months now! I love this product & can definitely see the firmer skin on my stomach after use
Please bring it back!!!
06 October 2019
I’ve tried many “firming” or “toning” creams and this one has made the most difference. I’ve had two kids and doing regular exercise and this has helped my stomach looked so much smoother. I’m having such difficulty finding this product for sale and i am so hoping it’s not because nip fab are not doing it anymore. Please please please bring it back!!!!
16 March 2018
Don't ever write reviews but can't believe the difference in my crepey skin on my tummy! I've been working out for around 3 months and my stomach is toning but the skin after giving birth to my son was becoming looser! Been using this for 4 weeks and didn't feel like it was working however I've just taken a picture today and compared it to when I started and am blown away by the difference! Definitely worth a try if you have a wrinkled Tum after pregnancy however I don't believe this will make you lose fat only diet and exercise will do that.
Moneys worth achieved quickly
29 June 2016
What the product does is firms your skins temporarily. i applied nip and fab tummy vigorously on my love handles and seen a tightening effect. Made my progress of a six pack look like crap AGAIN. But thats how the tummy tightening game is played. To summarise, This product gel makes you sticky on a deeper level. Intended to stop gravity from pulling skin down. So your body can pull skin back up. Not a miracle worker but a miracle saver. Was worth it to me. If it tightens my skin at all, it helps my body do the work.
Amazing Product !
22 October 2014
This really works - unbelievable results. Skin texture is instantly improved. And it does noticeably tighten the skin too! What a fantastic product!