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Tummy Fix

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Tummy Fix
Tummy Fix
£19.25 £5.00
16 March 2018
Don't ever write reviews but can't believe the difference in my crepey skin on my tummy! I've been working out for around 3 months and my stomach is toning but the skin after giving birth to my son was becoming looser! Been using this for 4 weeks and didn't feel like it was working however I've just taken a picture today and compared it to when I started and am blown away by the difference! Definitely worth a try if you have a wrinkled Tum after pregnancy however I don't believe this will make you lose fat only diet and exercise will do that.
Moneys worth achieved quickly
29 June 2016
What the product does is firms your skins temporarily. i applied nip and fab tummy vigorously on my love handles and seen a tightening effect. Made my progress of a six pack look like crap AGAIN. But thats how the tummy tightening game is played. To summarise, This product gel makes you sticky on a deeper level. Intended to stop gravity from pulling skin down. So your body can pull skin back up. Not a miracle worker but a miracle saver. Was worth it to me. If it tightens my skin at all, it helps my body do the work.
Amazing Product !
22 October 2014
This really works - unbelievable results. Skin texture is instantly improved. And it does noticeably tighten the skin too! What a fantastic product!