Bee Sting Fix Deluxe Cream Nip + Fab

Bee Sting Fix Deluxe Cream

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Bee Sting Fix Deluxe Cream
Bee Sting Fix Deluxe Cream
£19.95 £5.00
13 September 2019
I love this cream so so much. Since May I've used this every night before bed and a little goes a loooong way. I got this in May in the £5 sale and I was so blown away! I don't know if I could personally spend £20 on a cream (the pot was a bit smaller than I imagined) but it would be totally worth it if I did. I've always been put off the prices of Nip and Fab but now I see why it's pricey - it's amazing
14 July 2019
Anna Webb
All I can say is that I love this cream, I had been using very expensive Elemis products but tried this for a few weeks and found my dry skin had a new lease of life. I don’t think I’ll ever use anything else. Reasonably priced too
15 June 2019
Such a good product for dry skin. After a peel and facial this cream does wonders to lock in moisture and plump up your skin. My go to insta-hydrate cream!!
Amazing moisturiser
10 June 2019
I am new to nip and fab, but I’m hooked !! I have used premium skincare for many years but continued to suffer from sensitivity and dryness. I have been using this for about a month in conjunction with the dragons blood serum. My skin has never been so clear and not a patch of dryness. I often read reviews about how smooth skin has become but have never experienced what this meant until now. I did have open pores but not anymore and my skin tone is more even...,I’ve even done a Sunday without makeup !! Hugely impressed with this brand .
Amazing results
15 May 2018
I have recently learnt of the nip and fab range and honestly don’t know how I haven’t tried it sooner. As someone who was on roaccutane to treat my cystic acne a few years back my skin has always been problem prone. Even with my cystic acne gone I today still deal with break outs, scarring, hyper pigmentation, dry patches. I have been using this for a week now and honestly noticed a difference after first use! I have been waking up to best skin I have had in a while, smooth, tight, soft, clearer skin. I currently have been using the bee sting fix toning pads then following with the bee sting fix cream before bed and could not recommend more. Will definitely be buying more ranges. Bit pricey but definitely worth it!
Best face cream
01 April 2018
I've noticed a significant difference in my skin since using this product on my face before bed (after cleansing) my skin appears so much brighter! I was worried about waking up with oily skin like all the other products i have used as i have oily skin anyway and have suffered with acne in the past. This seems to be the only cream that leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated when i wake up and doesn't cause my skin to flare up. It's amazing!
13 February 2018
I am new to the NIP+FAB range despite having frequently heard rave reviews about their products. I am very happy to be a convert now, I suffer from chronic dry skin and even after just one use this cream has done wonders. It is quite thick, but a little goes a long way and it feels so lovely on the skin. Sinks in like a dream and my skin still feels smooth at the end of the day! ADORE. Definitely worth it.
Sample pot?
24 July 2016
Thought I was buying a regular sized pot on offer in sale and what I received was a pot of excessive packaging with the smallest amount of product inside. Literally 2mm depth of product. Disappointed
Awesome Moisturiser
07 September 2015
This is a FANTASTIC moisturiser. It leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth all day. Not only that, but it doesn't feel greasy. It's light and absorbs well. My skin looks better ever since I've started using this product and I can't recommend it enough. My face has never been so smooth and soft in my entire life. I'm so happy I tried this moisturiser and I'm happy I can stop looking now. It's expensive, but worth it!