Introducing our NEW Dragons Blood Fix range…

Coming soon….

Our exciting new range features 3 products Dragons Blood Fix Serum, Dragons Blood Fix Mask and Dragons Blood Fix Pads.

This innovative new range works to plump the skin, resulting in a fuller, firmer and younger looking complexion.

The Dragon’s Blood contains healing properties that repair and protect the skin. When applied to the skin, a ‘second skin’ protective shield is created, preventing environmental damage to the skin and motivating skin cell regeneration.

This powerful active ingredient works to plump, sculpt and lift the complexion while protecting the skin against ageing, creating a more youthful complexion and radiant glow to the skin.

Shop the NEW Dragons Blood range on-line soon!

In the mean time, check out our current bestsellers!



We are extremely excited to share the news, we have a new celebrity fan Kylie Jenner! Not only does she love the brand but she is obsessed with our best selling Glycolic Fix range.

Obsessed with the new @nipandfab glycolic fix range from @target my new summer skin fav! #GlycolicPeel #beautymusthaves

– Kylie Jenner

As we all know Kylie has one the most desired skin complexions around, we are over the moon that we are her chosen skincare brand! Check out Kylie Jenner’s Instagram where she reveals her fav Nip+Fab products!

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Joey Essex loves Frown Fix

Joey Essex, star of reality TV show The Only Way is Essex and star of I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here is the latest celeb to become addicted to the wrinkle busting and plumping, Frown Fix!

So why do Joey and other celebrities such as Mark Wright, Olly Murs and Simon Cowell love this product? Here’s why…

The concentrated formula plumps + smoothes the appearance of expression lines, fine lines + wrinkles; hydrating + moisturising skin to leave the face smooth + instantly younger.

Men are now using Frown Fix as part of their daily skincare regime and we don’t blame them!

Get yours here

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham Covers Vogue

I picked up the latest copy of Vogue Australia on a recent trip abroad and i have to say, I am absolutely loving it. Featuring fashion icon and businesswoman Victoria Beckham, the main interview gives an insight into her busy lifestyle and family life as she talks candidly about everything from her evening beauty ritual to spending time with her children. The shoot shows off a softer side to Victoria and I love her flawless skin, soft smoky eyes and swept back hair – definitely a look I am coveting for Fall!


Have you tried our NEW Body Blends?

With those darker nights coming and the gym becoming less and less enticing… the Body Blends from Nip+Fab have come at the perfect time!

So what are the Body Blends all about and which range are you perfect for?

Yoga Body Blends

Are you really into your classes especially yoga? Use the gorgeous Body Lotion and Body Wash to moisturise and unwind after a yoga class. Whilst the beautiful relaxing scent of Lavender works its magic, ingredients including glycolic, lactic + salicylic acids help to refine + improve the skin texture!

Energy Body Blends

Are you one for a high cardio work out? Boost your body with the Body Lotion and Body Wash before and after an intense run! The range moisturises and re-energises by combining a stimulating fragrance of lemon + grapefruit with balancing tea tree oil to help keep skin fresh + soft all day long.

Detox Body Blends

Have you had a heavy weekend or need to prepare yourself for the party season? The Detox range has a Body Lotion, Body Wash, Body Soak and Body Scrub and are all perfect if your body is desperate for some TLC. The range will cleanse away impurities, freshen the skin and will soften + smooth any dry skin. The range has a gorgeous fragrance of green tea, tea tree + jasmine with ingredients of Coconut Oil and Frankcense Oil.

So as you can see, there is a Body Blend range for everybody but which one will you chose? The best thing about these products is their huge bottles at 500mls!

Maintain motivation in the winter weather

When contemplating exercising, the idea of heading out into the summer sun and conveniently catching a tan whilst you work out, can be enough to make the prospect actually seem bearable.

But when the sub-zero temperatures arrive + the rain (or even worse the snow) is falling, it can be an easy decision to choose dryness and a few extra pounds over braving the rain in the name of a flat tum – (it will be hidden under a woolly jumper in winter anyway right?!) But instead of giving up hope + going into hibernation, take a look at our top tips for keeping yourself motivated…
1. Think of how hard you have worked to get to where you are It is likely that sweat, aches + tears were all ingredients in your summer exercise regime so don’t let that be for nothing. Stamina + strength are built over time so taking six months off to avoid the sleet and snow will send you back to square one. A person’s summer and winter routines are different so re-think how you can bring exercise into your winter one just like you did in the summer.
2. What about the party season?! When you walk into the party of the year, make sure people are looking at you for all the right reasons. Toned legs + a healthy glow are a much better reason to be gaining attention than the fact that you had to resort to sporting a onsie as it is all that currently fits you. As well as keeping up with the exercise add Nip+Fab’s body slim fix into your routine for firm skin that is sure to get heads turning.
3. Exercise inside For those who are working with the excuse that it is too cold or wet to exercise outside, sorry guys – there is a simple solution… exercise inside! Gyms, swimming pools, and work out classes are all ideal ways to keep fit when the winter chill kicks in, so don’t let that be an excuse for letting yourself go!
So whether you’re a swimmer or a runner a cyclist or a dancer, don’t let a drop in temperature mean a rise on them scales. Stay focussed, remember your goals + stay on track to ensure you look and feel just as wonderful in winter as you did in the summer.

The buzz about CC cream

First there were BB’s, now CC are the hot new letters on every make-up artists’ lips.  Yes CC creams, or complexion correctors to use their full name, are the new kids on the block in beauty and we couldn’t be more excited about them.

If you haven’t been tempted to try a CC cream yet, now’s a great time to give them a go. Not only do they make a great base for your makeup, they give a natural looking, sheer coverage that allows your skin to breathe and isn’t heavy like a lot of foundations. CC’s are especially great for this time of year, when you want to make the most of your skin’s post holiday glow but still want to hide any blemishes or pesky redness.

Our CC cream is lightweight and crammed with oat extract to smooth and tone skin, as well as soline to keep skin moisturised for 24 hours. Light diffusing pigments in the cream brighten skin and leave your complexion looking radiant. You can even top this off with CC eye fix to brighten the eye area and get picture-perfect skin. Rumour has it Taylor Swift is a big fan, and if it’s good enough for her…
So what are you waiting for? Wave goodbye to foundation and say hello to your new beauty must-have.

Autumn Beauty Edit

It’s almost the end of summer (sob!) and we’re looking ahead to our beauty kit for September. Pesky winds and cold weather can play havoc with our skin in the colder months. Luckily, with these simple tips and a few great products you can have picture-perfect skin through to Christmas.

Get scrubbing
The key to great skin in the cooler weather is to slough off dead skin and reveal shiny new layers. We love the Glycolic Facial Scrub Fix, which not only gets rid of dead skin, but also clears out our skin at the same time. Did we mention it smells divine too? Moisturise to the Max
Heating and cold winds can make our skin look dull. Switch you light summer face cream to a richer one that boosts radiance and improves elasticity. And don’t forget every girl’s handbag essential – a great, nourishing lip balm.
Eat yourself healthy
Staying active and eating right is the best way to glow throughout the colder months (even if all you want to do is curl up in bed). Eat meals packed with omega-3 fatty acids, like fish and vitamins from fresh fruit and vegetables and nuts. And remember to stay hydrated!

Stop with the sweet stuff!

On a mission for that killer bikini body but still a sucker for sweeties? Kick the sugar habit + eat your way to a perfect body with these top tips:

Eat more whole foods
The less processed food in your diet, the less added sugar you will consume. Choose fibre packed fruit + grains when you find yourself reaching for the chocolate bar to keep your sugar intake at a minimum.

Don’t sip the sweet stuff
Sweetened soft drinks, tea and fruit juices are always high in sugar with some containing up to a whopping 30g of sugar per serving. Opt for fresh water with a squeeze of lemon for a tasty, refreshing alternative.

Don’t skip meals
When you’re hungry, blood sugar levels can drop + this can have you reaching for sugary snacks. Make sure you eat little + often to stave off hunger pangs + candy craving alike.

The Red Carpet Edit

We’re all for florals at Nip+Fab HQ + that’s why we were pleasantly surprised to see Jennifer Aniston rocking this cute floral number at the London premiere of her new film, We’re the Millers. A far cry from her trademark LBD, Jen opted for a sweet summery number that perfectly complimented her signature beachy waves + California glow. Stepping out of her comfort zone, Jen proved she still has what it takes in the style stakes. It’s safe to say this look is definitely a winner in our eyes! Tell us what you think of the style on Twitter @nipandfab.