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20 Aug 2013

Stop with the sweet stuff!

On a mission for that killer bikini body but still a sucker for sweeties? Kick the sugar habit + eat your way to a perfect body with these top tips:

Eat more whole foods
The less processed food in your diet, the less added sugar you will consume. Choose fibre packed fruit + grains when you find yourself reaching for the chocolate bar to keep your sugar intake at a minimum.

Don’t sip the sweet stuff
Sweetened soft drinks, tea and fruit juices are always high in sugar with some containing up to a whopping 30g of sugar per serving. Opt for fresh water with a squeeze of lemon for a tasty, refreshing alternative.

Don’t skip meals
When you’re hungry, blood sugar levels can drop + this can have you reaching for sugary snacks. Make sure you eat little + often to stave off hunger pangs + candy craving alike.