A scrub is a guy that thinks he’s fly and is also known as a beauty essential.

Here at Nip+Fab we’re always looking for ways to take make our skin as perfect as possible. We want clear, bright, fabulous skin and we want it NOW. One way we’ve become one step closer to having MAJOR #skingoals is realising the importance of a good scrub

Why? Regular use of an exfoliating scrub removes blackheads and dead skin, leaving the skin smoother and more radiant. A cleanser alone won’t remove all of the impurities from your pores, so using an exfoliator is necessary to keep your skin clear and bright.

How often? If you have oily/combination skin, we recommend using an exfoliator twice a week to keep the skin cells fresh and avoid a build-up of excess oil which clogs pores. If you have dry skin, then we recommend scrubbing once a week to get the same results without drying.

Beforehand? Make sure you cleanse your skin before you exfoliate to get rid of any makeup that may be lingering.

After care? Always moisturise your skin after exfoliation, this will allow the skin to rehydrate.

We recommend…Glycolic Scrub Fix

Scrub your skin to perfection with a new breed of facial exfoliator, Glycolic Facial Scrub Fix.  This 3-in-1 micro exfoliant is packed with glycolic and salicylic acids to refine, brighten + renew, working deep into pores to cleanse, polish + reduce blemishes from the first use. With a fruity grapefruit scent, it energises + awakens the skin.



What are you waiting for? Get scrubbing…


Shots, Shots, Shots

It’s the start of the New Year and with that comes the age-old New Year, New Me resolutions. We vow to go to the gym, eat well, and drink less but we know how long it lasts… it’s too hard! Thankfully we’ve got some new products that will put in all the effort for you. Our new booster shots will add an instant kick to any skincare routine with very little effort! Simply mix them with other products like your serum or moisturiser or on their own to get the skin you’ve always wanted…

For glowing, radiant skin – Glycolic Fix Radiance Shot

Glycolic shot-900x900

This concentrate of luminosity is your fast-track to radiance! Exfoliating acids work alongside aloe vera and allantoin to reveal a natural glow whilst caring for the skin. Skin texture is refined and made more even, for smooth radiant skin. With a beautiful pearlescent blue tint that turns to golden luminosity when applied to the skin will really make you go oooohhh and ahhhh.

To help out dry skin – Dragon’s Blood Hyaluronic Shot

DB shot-900x900

Our Dragon’s Blood Hyaluronic Shot is a saviour for skin that is dying of thirst! It uses Dragons Blood, a sap from the Amazonian Croton Lechleri tree, to protect and heal the skin from outside aggressions, like the weather. This is combined with our famously unbeatable Hyaluronic Solution that instantly plumps the appearance of the skin, locking in the moisture and looking gorgeous.

To repair neglected skin – Bee Sting Fix Repairing Shot

Bee shot-900x900

This lightweight nourishing shot is an oil that contains hyaluronic acid and royal jelly to care for and repair dry skin. It really does have bee venom in to plump and firm the skin so don’t use if you’re allergic to bee stings!

For a flawless finish – Viper Venom Fix Blurring Shot

viper shot-900x900

This gel is guaranteed to make you photo ready – it uses 5x concentrated Syn®-Ake and soft-focus powder to hide pores, smooth out lines and give a matte finish. Perfect for Instagram!

For the city lovers – Kale Fix Protecting Shot

Kale  shot-900x900

Our Kale Fix Protecting Shot shields the skin from dry and dull looking skin caused by exposure to harmful atmospheric pollution. The kale extract provides natural vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants which work alongside the Pronalen Bio Protect that protects the skin’s surface from pollutants. Skin will look radiant!

Rodial-Nip&Fab Christmas 2016-7527- EDIT


It’s that time of year again where we momentarily forget about the months of hard work we put in to try and achieve our best bod and are actively encouraged by everyone to let go and indulge a little. Whether it’s at Christmas parties, family meals or just 10 too many mince pies, we all tend to consume a little more than usual with all the festivities. And whilst we absolutely love having a whole season to treat ourselves, the celebrations can take their toll and make us feel like that body of a VS angel is never going to happen…

So with that in mind, we’ve got a selection of products made to target the specific areas that we worry about so that you can look forward to feeling confident and flawless in your new party dress with #ThatChristmasBody.

Glycolic Body Cream


Perfect for flaky or oily skin, the power glycolic acid in the cream mixes with salicylic and lactic acids to exfoliate and retexture, giving instantly smoother and brighter looking skin.

Bust Fix Day


The Bust Fix Day is a light serum that is ideal for those whose skin has lost a little elasticity. It plumps and firms the skin around the bust and décolleté by using a revolutionary formula full of mangosteen extract which reshapes and sculpts.

Bust Fix Night


This is an amped up version of our best-selling Bust Fix! CellActive®-FORM gets to work whilst your body is resting to get the best results, and the key ingredient is Chronodyn which regenerates cells – adding volume to the cleavage and firming the bust area!

Tummy Fix


Our revolutionary formula uses a variety of ingredients, including coriander extract and sweet orange, that activate the breakdown of lipids in fat cells. This helps to firm and tone the skin around the abdomen so we can get a more sculpted stomach!

Cellulite Fix


Cellulite Fix is an ultra-fresh gel that takes fast action on the appearance of cellulite! With active ingredients such as indian forskolin and caffeine that firm skin and improve the texture, cellulite worries will become a thing of the past! Kylie Jenner also credits it for keeping her skin firm + lifted.

Body Slim Fix


This 2-in-1 fitness formula hydrates and tones the skin using unislim and cocoa butter, giving your body a firmer, slimmer figure. Use alongside exercise to see the best results!

So to feel plumped & sculpted in your party dress this Christmas, our body products are what your saviour and are now available at CVS!

Screen Shot 2016-11-22 at 15.13.10

Keeping Up with Kylie

It’s a fact: Kylie Jenner’s hair changes more quickly than the weather. She’s been through more colours than we can count and the length changes on a daily basis thanks to an extensive private collection of wigs and extensions. And of course she has the help of the world’s best hairdressers that’s made her look so good it got us questioning if we could pull off green hair. From jet black to platinum blonde and just about everything in between, we can’t wait to see what Kylie comes up with next…

The classic Kylie

Screen Shot 2016-11-22 at 15.28.34

This choppy black style mixed with long extensions was the original ‘grown up’ Kylie look and the style that she always comes back to in between colourings and wig changes.

The first bold colour

Screen Shot 2016-11-22 at 15.34.04

The blue dip dye was the first sign of many different hairstyles to pop up all over our Instagram and proved that Kylie was ready to steal the limelight from her sisters. A couple of years ago we thought this was the edgiest look in the world but now it’s practically tame!

Pastels… lots of them

Screen Shot 2016-11-22 at 15.18.01 Screen Shot 2016-11-22 at 15.18.11 Screen Shot 2016-11-22 at 15.18.54Screen Shot 2016-11-22 at 15.25.52

Kylie’s collection of pastel wigs is insane but she really pulls them off which is pretty impressive. We love them all on her but it’s the rainbow braids from Coachella this year that made us even more jealous of her (if that was even possible).

Cutting it short

Screen Shot 2016-11-22 at 15.28.01

Kylie’s shorter styles drew a mixed reception with many wondering if she had really cut her hair short and others comparing her to Lord Farquard. She confirmed they were wigs by posting Instagrams of her regular hair and ignoring the haters.


Screen Shot 2016-11-22 at 15.13.10Screen Shot 2016-11-22 at 15.34.57

Most recently Kylie had her hair bleached to an icy platinum blonde for New York Fashion Week in September. With a quick experiment into rose gold, she’s back to this colour now, making it one of her longest lasting dye jobs. However she posted a #tbt last week saying she misses her dark hair so who knows how long it will last…

glycolic lloyds

Glycolic FAVE’s now available at a Lloyds Pharmacy near you!

We are super excited to announce that a selection of our iconic Glycolic products are now stocked at your local Lloyds Pharmacy, making your Nip+Fab purchase more convenient than ever. Our ultimate exfoliating range with glycolic acid works to deep cleanse + purify the skin for a smooth, radiant complexion.

Glycolic Pads : Daily


Unveil younger-looking skin with our innovative Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads. 60 radiance-boosting pads, soaked in exfoliating glycolic acid to retexture + resurface the skin, whilst witch hazel helps to tone. This moisturising formula with hyaluronic acid + soothing blue daisy helps to reveal smoother + brighter looking skin.

“I love Nip+Fab Glycolic Pads” - Kylie Jenner

Glycolic Pads : Extreme


A more potent version of our bestselling Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads, these extreme night pads contain our highest level of glycolic acid and have been further enhanced with the addition of salicylic acid, making these your ultimate night treatment to refine pores, brighten the complexion + de-congest the skin through the improvement of the skin’s natural exfoliation process. Easily incorporate these into a weekly routine by using one pad at night 2-3 times a week, or once a week if you have sensitive skin

Glycolic Scrub


Scrub your way to skin perfection with a brand new breed of facial exfoliator. This 3-in-1 micro exfoliant is packed with glycolic acid and salicylic acids to refine, brighten and renew. Glycolic Fix Facial Scrub works deep into pores to cleanse, polish + reduce blemishes from the first use. With a fruity grapefruit scent, it energises and awakens the skin.

Glycolic Serum


Introducing Glycolic Fix Serum, an innovative overnight serum with glycolic acid to retexture the skin’s appearance. This highly effective formula contains powerful glycolic acid to smooth the appearance of fine lines + wrinkles while improving skin texture. Designed with pore refining ingredient PoreAway, the size of pores are visibly reduced for a more refined, even looking complexion.

Have you decided it’s time to add these glycolic favourites into your skincare regime? Find your nearest Lloyds Pharmacy here.

Our FAVE Celeb Halloween Costumes

Need some Halloween costume inspo? We got you! We’ve rounded up our fave celebrity Halloween costumes to help you solve October’s biggest dilemma – do I go saucy or scary, or as a crisp (check out number 5)?!

1. Gigi as Sandy

gigi sandy halloween

It may not be the most imaginative Halloween costume of all time, but if you’re looking for something last minute, throw on your black high-waisted skinnies + add a crop top and heels and hello Sandy!

2. Kendall as Karl

kendall jenner karl largerfeld

Yup, genius! There’s nothing more that we love than celebrities dressed as celebrities for Halloween, and Kendall nailed the Karl-in-a-leotard look.

3. Beyonce + Ivy

beyonce blue ivy halloween

Yes we know this doesn’t even really count as dress up but it doesn’t even matter because it’s just too adorable. We plan on borrowing a child just so we can recreate this too-cute Halloween look. Hats off to you Bey, your mother-daughter styling is always on point!

4. Kim as Poison Ivy

kim kardashian mermaid

Quite possibly the queen of Halloween costumes (there were too many to choose from), Kim upped her game from the obvious cat costume…

5. Katy Perry as a Cheeto

katy perry halloween

Just because this is genius…

6. Kylie Jenner as a warrior

kylie jenner halloween

For the make up lover, experiment with new eye colours and sleek hairstyles like our girl Kylie…

Now you’ve got your outfit sorted, it’s time to prep your skin – we’ve got spookily incredible 30% off savings on our Dragon’s Blood, Bee Sting and Viper Venom range! Just enter code HALLOWEEN at checkout to get your scary sounding beauty treats! Find out more here.

INSTAGRAM_1080x1080px-teen 1

Don’t Stress About Skincare: banish your blemishes once and for all!

Breakout drama? Yes, we’ve all been there and it can leave us feeling rather down in the dumps. But don’t worry we’ve got your back and have put together our top tips to banish blemishes once and for all. These are the rules that you will live by once you start seeing those flawless results…

1. The DOUBLE Cleanse – think you’ve removed all of the days dirt and makeup with one wipe? Think again! It may sound like a bit of a time-consuming chore but it is SO important. Firstly remove all of your makeup, then, cleanse AGAIN to get deep into those pores to remove all the impurities you may not see. Our Teen Skin Fix Breakout Rescue Pads make cleansing super easy, just wipe one pad over your entire face in the morning and evening – that’s really it. Each pad is infused with wasabi extract, which helps to prevent unwanted blemishes and breakouts. You can then follow up with our Glycolic Cleansing Fix to really get down into those pores and clear out the deeper grime.

Takeover 2 Option 2

2. Drink LOTS of water – yup this does sounds boring. Does a Starbucks Frappuccino count towards our daily water intake? Just drink at least 2 litres a day and you will soon be seeing the difference. Need more convincing? Victoria Secret’s models SWEAR by this…Glugging the water down now aren’t we?!

Screen Shot 2016-10-14 at 10.32.40

3. Moisturise – you may think that if your skin is already oily, you shouldn’t moisturise! You are SO wrong! By not moisturising, your skin will become dehydrated and create MORE oil to make up for this. That’s why it’s super important to moisturise regardless of your skin type. Our Teen Skin Moisturiser will hydrate and mattify – basically the dream.

Takeover 4 Option 1

4. Clean your phone – ever get foundation and makeup over your phone after that long gossip with your BFF? CLEAN IT! Otherwise all that yucky bacterial build-up will directly touch your face when there’s any major boy drama, which totally needs an in-depth phone convo to resolve!


5. Don’t touch or pick your skin – it’s the oldest rule in the book, which we know, is the HARDEST to resist! But try your best and let that spot ride it out without any touching, picking or popping.

6. Clean your pillowcase – lets face it, your face is on that pillow a lot of the time, especially if you’re a nap lover like us. Bacteria is then on your pillow that will regularly cushion your face as you enjoy your peaceful slumber so wash those pillowcases regularly…

Screen Shot 2016-10-14 at 10.38.02

7. Clean your makeup brushes – yawn! This sounds like an awful lot of cleaning. We know this isn’t the most thrilling task there ever was but it is vital none the less. Get into a routine of taking time out once a week and clean those brushes. You can use baby shampoo to do this.


8. Massive breakout – Spot Zap to the rescue! We may have told you not to touch a breakout but we do have one exception – HURRAH! Just gently massage the cooling roller ball directly to the blemished area to deliver a cooling active gel, which will reduce and improve the appearance of troubled skin.

INSTAGRAM_1080x1080px-teen 5

Do you have any breakout secrets? Share them with @nipandfab!


Don’t let Skincare stress you out…Why on earth do we need Serum?

You are not alone in not knowing what serum really is, how we use it and why we even need it! Here at Nip+Fab, we promise to bring you the facts to show you how important it REALLY is. Meet your new can’t-live-without skincare saviour…

When to apply…

Apply to your skin day and night, after cleansing and before moisturising…Easy!

Why do I need this as well as a moisturiser?

As well as often being super hydrating (like a moisturiser), a serum delivers powerful ingredients directly into the skin, because of some sciencey magic, a serum gets deeper into the skin with a higher concentration of active ingredients (all the stuff that will make your skin look UH-MAZ-ING).

Is it really that important?

YES! Serums are designed to target specific skin concerns such as wrinkles, large pores or dehydration. Just get the correct serum for your skin type and your skin dilemmas are solved!

What serum is best for me?

Lets’ breakdown the Nip+Fab Serums…


Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 12.08.43

Best for: dehydrated skin

An instant shot of moisture for the skin and our girl Kylie Jenner’s FAVE, this powerful serum will hydrate, plump and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines – OH hey flawless skin!


Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 12.09.58

Best for: big pores

Hatin’ on those oversized pores? Meet your new BFF…Our Glycolic Fix Serum will visibly reduce pores for a more refined, even complexion and smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while improving the texture of your skin – Pore-free heaven!


Screen Shot 2016-10-05 at 12.09.25

Best for: wrinkles

Worried about fine lines and wrinkles? Turn your frown upside down with our No Needle Fix Serum – it will blur imperfections and reduce the look of wrinkles – Can I see your ID please?

In need of some skincare advice? Get in touch on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram


Win a pair of the limited edition #ghdAzores & Nip+Fab selfie essentials!

We have teamed up with the amazing GHD to bring you a super exciting #selfie essentials kit. Win not only the latest launches from our Viper Venom range to get your skin looking flawless, but also win a limited editon #ghdAzores marine allure styler!  the competition will be live on Saturday 16th April 2016… BE READY! 


“The key to taking a perfect selfie is the right lighting, good angle and the NIP+FAB Viper Venom Micro Blur which blurs the skin for a dewy selfie look”. - Kylie Jenner

You heard it from the selfie Queen herself… The latest addition to our Viper Venom range, the Micro Blur Fix works to prime, blur and mattify the skin, for an instant flawless complexion so you’re selfie ready.   A blend of high-tech ingredients to reduce the appearance of pores, diminish signs of oil on the skin and give an instant blurring effect for matte, selfie ready skin. The addition of wonder ingredient  SYN®-AKE also works to instantly freeze lines for a smooth finish.

The innovative Viper Venom Frown Fix contains a concentrated blend of high-tech ingredients combined for targeted action on the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles. Infused with wonder ingredient SYN®-AKE, which works instantly to freeze lines for a smooth and wrinkle-free finish. The brush pen is easy to use, simply brush the product over particularly deep or noticeable lines for an instant blurring effect.


With these Viper Venom essentials and your GHD Allure styler’s your hair and skin will be ready for that all important selfie, be prepared to get the most likes you’ve ever gotten!


Here’s how to enter:

Follow @nipandfab & @ghdhair

Comment with your top selfie tip


-          By entering this contest you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions

-          Competition starts on (date) and ends on 14th April 2016.

-          One winner is going to be randomly selected and contacted on 19th April 2016.

-          If the winner is unable to be contacted within 2 weeks, Nip+Fab reserves the right to offer the prize to a runner-up.

-          The prize cannot be transferred or exchanged for any other prize or money.

-          Please allow 4 weeks for the delivery of the prize

-          Nip + Fab reserves the right to cancel this competition or alter any of the rules at any stage.



Benefits Of Double Cleansing

Taking that extra few minutes to double cleanse your skin can make a huge difference. By cleansing twice, you’re ensuring that all dirt, grime and make-up is removed from the face (yes sometimes just that one wipe isn’t enough), helping to free up pores and allow your serum and moisturiser sink into the skin more effectively and the benefits absorbed more quickly. Here is our top tips on which Nip+Fab products, to use for the ultimate double cleanse experience.

Power Cleansing Pairs 


The Exfoliating Cleanse

Double up on your glycolic acid with our bestselling day and night pads for an exfoliating, pore purifying and oil minimising cleanse.

Our Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads are an innovative set of exfoliating wipes packed with glycolic acid to improve skin tone + texture. We recommend to use pads daily to exfoliate the skin + maintain radiance.

For more extreme results + your treatment pads try our new Glycolic Fix Night Pads Extreme that work as overnight facial peel.



‘I first got introduced to NIP+FAB because the range was so popular and I kept hearing people talk about it, so I tried the Glycolic Pads and I was obsessed!’ -Kylie Jenner Nip+Fab Ambassador 

kylie ejjne r

Great For Combination Skin

Remove make-up with our purifying foaming glycolic cleanse and then rehydrate with our dragon’s blood pads. Ideal for cleansing combination skin.

Glycolic Cleansing Fix is the ultimate brightening product, that works to remove all traces of grime and make-up whilst giving the skin a refreshing boost! Use alongside our Dragons Blood Fix Cleansing Pads an innovative set of exfoliating wipes enriched with Salicylic Acid and Hyaluronic Acids,to deeply cleanse pores and provide long lasting hydration for the skin that appears plumper!



The Nourishing & Skin Hydrating Cleanse

Rehydrate the skin with these moisture drenching pads that gently remove make-up and grime whilst hydrating the skin with hyaluronic acid and vitamins.

Our Kale Fix Make-up Removing Pads work to cleanse and soften dry skin with these ultra-moisturising pads. Gentle enough to use around the eyes, these facial pads are enriched with super-foods kale and watercress extracts to remove daily dirt and make-up for clean and soft skin.


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